Medisign MM800 Glucose Meter

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Medisign MM800 Glucose Meter

Goods Introduction

• Monitor your blood glucose level with ease, anywhere you may be – at home, work or on the go – with the easy-to-use, portable Medisign Blood Glucose Monitoring System (MM800).
• Using the “Advanced Biosensor Technology”, Medisign Blood Glucose Monitoring System analyzes glucose in the blood sample. A reaction with glucose oxidase on the test strip and a harmless DC electrical current is produced. The Medisign Meter automatically interprets this reaction. The current is measured by the monitoring meter and displayed as your blood glucose result.

• Advantages: Medisign MM800 takes 5 seconds to test with small blood of sample (0.5 µL). Stores 300 test results with test date and time. Also calculates average result for 14 days automatically.

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